AboutThe missile knows where it is, is an audiovisual installation whereby video images are projected onto an object. The images show a reality of graphic icons (information graphics), everyday observations, and chance appearances. The title refers to an audio clip from the U.S. Air Force in which the working of a ‘smart rocket’ is explained in technical terms. In the text, it is explained that once the rocket is on its way, sometimes it doesn’t know where it is; it finds its way by continually calculating where it should be, using the traveled distance and time. That even our highly technological inventions such as weapons and computers sometimes have doubts about their goal (and necessity?) is comical as well as disturbing. It at least is food for thought. Machines look like us and display the same characteristics and shortcomings; that much is made clear by this audio clip. The object in this installation functions as a three-dimensional screen with multiple facets. The images are fragmented, overfull, clear, semi-informative, or lay in waiting. It is a digital news-supply, whereby ‘real’ events are merely material for consumption. News as entertainment whereby the viewer can wonder if there will be any information provided that will show him the way. The rocket is You, the onlooker on its way to meaning.